Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Summa, Summa Summa Time!

 I always thought of myself as a fall girl, never a summer girl! Or at least one who enjoys nice weather, you know the not too hot, not too cold kind of girl. But with Sophia and Brooke out of school Im starting to love summer more than I ever had. I enjoy looking and planning things for us to do together, library time is a fav, crown center, outside (WHEN THIS DAMN HUMIDITY GOES AWAY), splash parks, indoor pool at the YMCA, play dates ect. I love not having to get up too early and get ready for school...but that is quickly coming to an end. Its just nice to have them home with me full time again!

      In May on the last day of school we took trip to Dallas to visit Nana and Papa, and were surprised with a stay at the Great Wolfe Lodge, which the girls LOVED and still hear about two months later. I have to say I'm not a water person, I have a fear i try to hide from the girls, I worry about accidents in the water a lot. But they did great are have been since then in swimming lessons and have just recently graduated to the next level! It was  a relaxing but still active fun family get away! We recently went to MN to participate in a Warrior Dash with family and again, great time! Im blessed to have great little travelers, they do great on short, or long road trips, and obviously flying. But Princess Sophia tells us she prefers flying. I only within the last couple years have become a fan of road trips vs flying, and that may be because I can over pack and it doesn't matter because its all thrown in a car vs checked luggage! I love the memory making during the travels. I also never traveled a lot as a youth, most traveling came with dating/marrying Rusty, mainly because his family was every where and I was mostly based in the best city KC! When I was 18 I wanted to move as soon as possuble, and travel , but that never happened, so taking trips is what I love! I like being able to take the girls to see other places besides KC.  We are most excited for December 18'...Disney World!

Sophia turned 6, and told me she wanted short hair for her birthday! (maybe because two of there close friends in K also cut their long hair? ) So we took her to cut her hair, I must say I wasn't happy about it but I love it. It looks great on her and SOOO much easier to manage! Brooke however says she wants her hair to be so long it drags in the floor and will NOT let me cut her hair short, and also is very IMPATIENT when I have to brush her hair! I am like any other parent you think you have your kids figured out, WOW okay I get it, I get how to talk, discipline, approach yada yada yada, but then they freakin change! Brooke to me has always been in my eyes the more stubborn one, maybe more difficult for me to manage or discipline or figure out. However as Sophia gets older she is more intricate, she has layers, she is female and I think we all know we are a complex sex. She's not even close to a pre teen and I already experience the emotions, the deep thought the how the hell do I approach this! But I love this girl, I love that she is deep and has emotions and not afraid to show them. Its beautiful to me.

 There is an excitement going back to school, new classes, teachers, learning and much more. I know I have to let them go, but at least I have our summers. I will never be the mom counting down the days until the kids go back to school. I seem to have become that constant emotional sobbing mother at the start of each new school year, I guess I will just accept that role (far from the woman I was prior to kiddos) I just see it as another chapter closing but need to focus on the opening of a new chapter!

I love them most and always!

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