Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Summa, Summa Summa Time!

 I always thought of myself as a fall girl, never a summer girl! Or at least one who enjoys nice weather, you know the not too hot, not too cold kind of girl. But with Sophia and Brooke out of school Im starting to love summer more than I ever had. I enjoy looking and planning things for us to do together, library time is a fav, crown center, outside (WHEN THIS DAMN HUMIDITY GOES AWAY), splash parks, indoor pool at the YMCA, play dates ect. I love not having to get up too early and get ready for school...but that is quickly coming to an end. Its just nice to have them home with me full time again!

      In May on the last day of school we took trip to Dallas to visit Nana and Papa, and were surprised with a stay at the Great Wolfe Lodge, which the girls LOVED and still hear about two months later. I have to say I'm not a water person, I have a fear i try to hide from the girls, I worry about accidents in the water a lot. But they did great are have been since then in swimming lessons and have just recently graduated to the next level! It was  a relaxing but still active fun family get away! We recently went to MN to participate in a Warrior Dash with family and again, great time! Im blessed to have great little travelers, they do great on short, or long road trips, and obviously flying. But Princess Sophia tells us she prefers flying. I only within the last couple years have become a fan of road trips vs flying, and that may be because I can over pack and it doesn't matter because its all thrown in a car vs checked luggage! I love the memory making during the travels. I also never traveled a lot as a youth, most traveling came with dating/marrying Rusty, mainly because his family was every where and I was mostly based in the best city KC! When I was 18 I wanted to move as soon as possuble, and travel , but that never happened, so taking trips is what I love! I like being able to take the girls to see other places besides KC.  We are most excited for December 18'...Disney World!

Sophia turned 6, and told me she wanted short hair for her birthday! (maybe because two of there close friends in K also cut their long hair? ) So we took her to cut her hair, I must say I wasn't happy about it but I love it. It looks great on her and SOOO much easier to manage! Brooke however says she wants her hair to be so long it drags in the floor and will NOT let me cut her hair short, and also is very IMPATIENT when I have to brush her hair! I am like any other parent you think you have your kids figured out, WOW okay I get it, I get how to talk, discipline, approach yada yada yada, but then they freakin change! Brooke to me has always been in my eyes the more stubborn one, maybe more difficult for me to manage or discipline or figure out. However as Sophia gets older she is more intricate, she has layers, she is female and I think we all know we are a complex sex. She's not even close to a pre teen and I already experience the emotions, the deep thought the how the hell do I approach this! But I love this girl, I love that she is deep and has emotions and not afraid to show them. Its beautiful to me.

 There is an excitement going back to school, new classes, teachers, learning and much more. I know I have to let them go, but at least I have our summers. I will never be the mom counting down the days until the kids go back to school. I seem to have become that constant emotional sobbing mother at the start of each new school year, I guess I will just accept that role (far from the woman I was prior to kiddos) I just see it as another chapter closing but need to focus on the opening of a new chapter!

I love them most and always!

Monday, March 27, 2017

The baby is 4

Brooke turns 4 in two days.

  We go to the park or shopping while she is with me during the days, it was just last year I had both my girls going placing doing errands. But now its just Brooke and I. Anyways, while out I see these moms with their baby in the harness, and their little 2 year olds playing their best at the playground, or while shopping same thing mom has baby in harness and the 2 year old sitting in the cart. Then theres me looking at those moms saying to myself, that used to be me. I feel like not long ago, that used to be me. Now I'm running through the park playing hide and seek, watching Brooke do the monkey bars and saying your too big for that, lets go to the big girls swings! This always hurts to know that time is no longer, but Rusty always says we all have the same amount of time, which for some reason always makes me feel a bit better. I had my time with my babies and know I focused on enjoying every moment and every stage no matter how bittersweet is was to let go of.

  Okay back to the topic of Brooke, she is going to be four and going into 3 day pre K this fall then off to the big K. I had parent teacher conference with there teacher and she is doing great, right on par. I was taken a bit back because when I work with her she's so stubborn, she doesn't want to do any of the activities Id like to do to teach her, unless I use food to entice her. But her teacher says she does not see that and she does very well on her assignments and and in engaged. Which don't get me wrong makes me very pleased, but this girl! You don't even know., this girl will age me like no other. She loves hard and cares hard, makes your heart melt, then she will sass, she will disobey, and push any button you have. My gosh, it is so hard for me to discipline her, Rusty always says Im too passive with her and that why she pushes me. You know the parents who say "its easier to just let them do want rather than put up the fight" I was a parent who before would have said HECK no, not me. But she's exhausted me so to where I find my self putting away her shoes Id asked her to put away several times, or picking up her mess that she is taken 20 minutes to pick up. We are working on it. She's a good kid, but she can be stubborn and determined, which aren't bad character traits.

She has always been and still is more of a home body, she still likes to watch movies at home, get comfy on the sofa, eat snacks and color or cut paper into a million pieces. But she is very active and strong when she has to be or wants to be. This girl will power up hills on her bike and go a whole 3 miles. She will sprint and run past my expectations of someone her age. She is determined to keep up with Sophia. We have soccer starting next week and I am excited to see her. We play soccer just her and I at the gym, I think she has pretty good coordination for it.

Some of the things that come out of her mouth make me laugh so hard. Most of which she is mocking me.
  - When she talks to me and I'm not paying 100% attention and not looking, she will say "mom, mom, look at my eyes" once Im looking she will go on with her conversation. I did that to her all the time when she was not listening, I made her look at me so I could communicate with her.
- Privacy! The girls and I kinda just open doors whenever and its pretty relaxed, but there are times Im in the bathroom and the girls just barge in,  always just sing Privacy, that is now her favorite word and will use it all the time with the rest of the family.
- The worst is when she says she going to spank my butt! Oh gosh, I say this to her all the time, "you better not, or I'm gonna spank your butt" "Don't run in the parking lot, or I'm gonna spank your butt" you get the point, of course you can tell I don't spank, so they are always empty threats, (great parenting) but she will use that on me when she doesn't like what I'm doing.
- She walks around the house on her tip toes shaking her hips, I ask what are you doing, she says she's  mommy. No, not me I am not a hip shaker when I walk.
- When asked to do something, she always has an excuse that her legs hurt, or thats she's tired.
- She's definitely the early bird of the family. She will come into our room to wake us up, while pulling the blinds back she says look mom

She's a happy, smart, good hearted funny little girl who shines her bright light in our family. Happy Birthday my sweet Brookie!

one of our favs

best friends

we love those eyes!

her model pic 

Saturday, January 7, 2017


  Well our almost 6 year old!! What 6! Is well into her Kindergarten school year. She is doing so well and loves school. She is so smart, she is already reading, counts to 100, by ones and 5s, a little of adding and subtracting,and has most of her Kindergarten ribbons for all things she is supposed to know for the school year. She has met many friends and really enjoy it. We were blessed with an amazing teacher. She is very sweet, very personal, and sends emails with pictures of Sophia during the day doing school activities. I love being involved with the school. I like volunteering for whatever I can, stopping in to surprise Sophia is the best. One major perk of being at home. Ive gotten use to life without Sophia home with me all day, but I really love breaks. Christmas break was amazing and I did not want to send her back.
  Sophia is a grown little lady. She is herself, she's had her personality for sometime now, but as she gets older its more and more clear the person she is becoming. She's serious, but goofy at the same time. (Make sense?) She is serous about school, learning and showing, trying to master a task, she can take it so seriously. But I love the most she can be so silly still, so goofy, so funny. She makes the goofy faces and does silly dances. Unfortunately she finds things like butts and farts so funny. Her and her sister share the same sense of humor, they make each other laugh the most. They just get each other.
  With her I really thought she was my mini me (still do) but growing up and even as an adult, i considered myself more of a tom boy. I buy her clothes and try to make her very cute. But recently she's more about wanting dresses dresses and dresses. I put out her clothes for school shell come out complaining about how it doesn't fit, it itches, its baggy, whatever she can say to get a dress. She likes to be girly, playing dress up is one of her things she loves to do. I allow it and encourage and try to play with it.
  She is still my baby. She is not a cuddler, she at times will cuddle with me and kiss my cheek or hand, we TRY so hard to get more cuddles, but its just not her. (she's like me) she loves hard and you know she loves you but she can only cuddle for a minute and she's ready to go. This bugs Rusty so much. I don't know if she's not a cuddler or if its just her age and she growing up and doesn't want to.
she loves her
  She is an amazingly kind person which is all we want from her. She is good, she is kind. She is sweet. She at times is shy which has come out more this year. I know I grew up pretty shy and wish so much I wasn't. So I really try to influence her to be outgoing, and not to be afraid to show your personality and who you are. I have been a real selfish mom and not started her in gymnastics. My new years reso is to get her into it. She loves flipping and jumping. She does so much on her own and will at times hurt herself so I need to get her into class so she will learn the proper form.
   I had 4 drafts on this blog. I cant find time to finish or what to write about. I live with these girls everyday, I want to remember all things about them, it is so hard to blog about anymore, to remember all the things you want to and place it in a blog.


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